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You and your crew of thieves have stolen plenty of stuff before, but nothing so incredible as this: THE PRIZE. 

It’s gorgeous, expensive, and heavily guarded. If you can get in, get your hands on it, and get away, it’s all yours . . . so long as the OTHER crew of thieves doesn’t get it first!

COUNTERHEIST is a GMless ttrpg for any even number of players, designed to be played in a single session as teams of two with a single deck of playing cards (and as many Jokers as you can get your hands on.) 

Players take on the role of professional criminals racing to get past security of all sorts - armed guards, high-tech traps, and suspicious onlookers - to lay hands on THE PRIZE and get out safely.

Each player uses their hand of cards to create their thief, overcome challenges, and play challenges for the OTHER players to deal with. 

  • Play a card of the same suit to meet a challenge; exceed the challenge's value to surpass it. 
  • You can automatically get past any challenge with a Joker - but then your dread will come to pass!

COUNTERHEIST takes place in two phases: GETTING IN, and GETTING OUT. Just because you weren't first to get THE PRIZE doesn't mean you can't try and steal it as the other crew escapes!

But keep your cards close, because you never know if one of the crew is planning on betraying you at THE TWIST. There's no honor among thieves, after all!

COUNTERHEIST is releasing as part of Zine Month 2023! Check out the #zinemonth and #zimo hashtags on Twitter for a bevy of great games, and find more at https://www.zinemonth.com/!

Created by Brendan McLeod and Matthew Guzdial.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsBrendan McLeod, Matthew Guzdial
GenreCard Game, Role Playing
TagsMultiplayer, Tabletop role-playing game


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